Episode Choose Your Story Glitch

Episode Choose Your Story Glitch

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*NEW SERIES* A Hacker Is THREATENING ME!!! (Glitch Girl #1 | Episode Choose Your Own Story

Glitch Girl Episode #1 : Episode Choose Your Story By Joseph Evans-
In together with the interactive adventure story, I play Grace a girl whose life was normal up until a Hacker named Zero threatens her as well as everyone she loves. Will I be able to save the world as well as still make my date together with the cute guy I met? Sign to discover out!

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My Mom Caught Me KISSING MY CRUSH!!! ( Living With My Crush | Episode Choose Your Story )
When I was told I was getting a foreign exchange student I was expecting a student called Emiko from Japan. But what happens when instead I get a hot guy from Australia living together with me for an entire year?! Will I be able to keep my crush on him a secret?! Or will the mean girl ruin everything for me? And what about my best friend who’s been in love together with me for years?! What drama will follow the school year?! Sign to discover out!
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