Episode Hack

Episode Hack

Passes and Gems Hack

Zero to Hero:
0:00 – Welcomes
3:13 – Discussing the lesson plan, Kioptrix, and Hack the Box
9:50 – Using netdiscover to find Kioptrix
12:58 – Scanning with Nessus
15:10 – Scanning with Nmap
17:00 – Reviewing what’s found so far
21:00 – Reviewing Nmap scan
25:15 – Enumerating port 80/443
1:10:00 – Enumerating port 139
1:22:05 – Enumerating a random HTB machine (OneTwoSeven)
1:41:40 – Giving away a Bash Bunny!
1:47:16 – User request to review “testssl.sh” tool

1:52:22 – Do you run Windows as a main OS?
1:53:35 – Lego Bugattis
1:54:00 – How old are you, brah?
1:54:36 – How can I solve HTB and other CTFs?
1:55:43 – What sort of work did you do day to day on help desk?
1:57:25 – SANS Holiday Hack challenges
1:57:44 – Do you find Maltego useful?
1:58:09 – How do I learn web app?
1:58:38 – How do blue and red teams interact?
2:00:00 – User coworker drama
2:00:30 – Empire vs Metasploit / EternalBlue part 1
2:03:30 – Automated pentesting?
2:04:05 – “Hacking” video games
2:05:40 – CarolinaCon
2:08:15 – Whats that tattoo?
2:08:55 – Infinity War/Endgame/GoT discussion
2:13:20 – CISSP vs Security+
2:14:00 – EternalBlue part 2 (Troubleshooting a payload)
2:23:18 – Remembering tool flags for interviews
2:25:52 – Microservices? part 1
2:26:35 – How Responder works / tactics
2:27:40 – OSCP registration, pre-reqs, when to purchase, etc.
2:35:00 – Thoughts on MCSA?
2:35:40 – Microservices part 2
2:37:10 – Do you plan on taking the AWAE?
2:37:50 – Thoughts on eLearnSecurity courses?
2:38:33 – What are some successful study habits?
2:40:00 – Do you work for a company?
2:41:05 – Studying revisited
2:42:00 – What is a MSP?
2:44:00 – How old were you when you started IT?
2:46:45 – Would you go back to college in hindsight?
2:47:10 – Favorite hacker movie?

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Episode Choose Your Story Glitch

Episode Choose Your Story Glitch

Passes and Gems Hack

In together with the episode, we unleash the glitches together within the beast that’s Sonic Unleashed!

Glitches :
1. Windmill Isle Loop Glitch : 0:22
2. Apotos 3D in 2D Glitch : 0:56
3. Hub World Grind Rail Glitch : 1:28
4. Storyline Glitch : 1:54
5. Early Rooftop Run Act 1 Night : 3:08
6. Werehog Combo Through Walls : 3:48
7. Invisible Rooftop Run Glitch : 6:22
8. Egg Devil Ray Slow-mo Glitch : 7:07
9. Def Big ‘Dead End’ Glitch : 7:50
10. Level/Mission Complete Glitch : 8:46
11. Infinite Rings Glitch : 10:22
12. Ghost Mode Glitch : 10:45
13. M-Speed : D-speed : 11:42

A massive Special Thanks to Joshua Salkeld for his help on producing together with the episode! Please take a look at his channel for some awesome speedruns of Sonic Unleashed, you won’t regret it! Go show him some support 🙂
– https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA58dvomTOb0zQBryPCqyIg
– https://www.twitch.tv/joshuasalkeld

Thanks to :
Darkspines Sonic : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYbJSdiX5WEmY2l1RpRzU0Q
Paraxade0 : https://www.youtube.com/user/Paraxade0
MillernusGaming : https://www.youtube.com/user/Millernusgaming
Romanemul1 : https://www.youtube.com/user/romanemul1

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