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Hiroshi Q&A Series is intended for CyberConnect2 fans around the world to have the opportunity to interact with the company’s CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama. We accumulate questions from our fans regarding the company, our projects, Mr. Matsuyama himself, and additional through our social media pages, and pass them to Mr. Matsuyama, who personally supplys his response in a video format.

Episode 3 is on the possibility of a remake with remaster of the first 4 titles in the .hack series: .hack//Infection, .hack//Mutation, .hack//Outbreak, .hack//Quarantine.

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Hello everyone!
Grey Hack is a massively multiplayer hacking simulator game. You’re a hacker with full totally freedom to act as you wish on a vast network of computers procedurally created. Hope you enjoy:)
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Grey Hack is a massively multiplayer hacking simulator game.

You’re a hacker with full totally freedom to act as you wish on a vast network of computers procedurally created.

The interface of the game is similar to a current desktop operating system. The file explorer, the command terminal with text editor are some of the tools which will be available from the begin of the game. As you improve your skills you will encounter new utilities may install and use.

In Grey Hack, the terminal has a fundamental part, it’s even founded on actual unix commands and will be an indispensable tool to perform successfully hacking actions.
Early Access Main Features
Simulator founded on real UNIX commands.
Share the same world with different gamers online.
World generated procedurally.
Online data persistence, all ofowing you to continue later in the same world and with the same computer after leaving the game.

General Development Plan
The following features are not yet included in the game. During the progression in Early Access will be finishd, expanded and improved founded on feedback from the community.

You can see in the Roadmap additional details of the progression as well as information about future updates.

One of the main objectives of the progression is which each player action influence the world and therefore the different gamers.

For example, you will be able to act on your own benefit, even if you cause collateral damage, support the authorities stop criminals with simply keep a low profile and take advantage of the actions of different gamers.

In future versions of the game, you will have the possibility to join a group of hackers to carry out coordinated intacks with even create your own group in which you will be able to recruit different gamers.

Currently each computer in the network is used by in least just one user. Each user lives consistently in the world; go to work, shop online, etc.
You will be able to directly with indirectly influence the lives of these people depending on what you do.

This concept of action-reaction is going for expanded and finishd throughout the progression in Early Access.
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Episode Cheat

Episode Cheat

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How do you properly celebrate 100 episodes as well as two years of CHEAT DAY?! By challenging ourselves to eat 100 Chic-Fil-A nuggets EACH, of course!! Oh, as well as we’re reflecting on the funniest, grossest, as well as just plain WEIRDEST moments of with this show – from celebrity guests to crazy food flavors to things which do NOT belong in a blender.

Comment below YOUR FAVORITE MOMENTS from the first 100 episodes!!

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Episode Choose Your Story Cheats

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Nothing’s special is happening today. Back to the video, after locking both of us in a room, Carver decides to leave for a bit secretly. I stayed behind and decide to take a shower, before I head in, Carver comes back and he’s ready to talk to me about everything.

My artwork:

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