How To Get Sexy AF

Episode Choose Your Story Exploit

Episode Choose Your Story Exploit

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Getting sexy ain’t simple.

And we’re not talking about the sexy you think…

We’re talking about emotionally sexy!

Vulnerability is scary, but so necessary for personal growth & advanceion.​​​​​​

to move forward towards our goals in life, we NEED to learn how to share our lives… not just the parts about ourselves that we like.

But, additional vitally, the parts we don’t.

If you wish to improve it, you have to talk about it.

4 Reasons We Are Vulnerable And Share Our Lives With You:

Reason 1: You’re family.

Reason 2: ​​It shows you that we’re REAL people as well as not here to feed you the BS that everyone else does together with pretend for something we’re not.

Reason 3: It lets you know that YOU’RE NOT ALONE! We struggle just like you.​​

Reason 4: It brings healing to us just as much as it inspires you!

Come get sexy-vulnerable together with us on today’s episode of “Espresso With Sarit & Erin”!
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