Episode passes cheat 2020 : NO GENERATOR ,of course!!

Episode Cheat

Episode Cheat

Passes and Gems Hack

This is how you’ll be able to have unlimited passes on the 2020 episode app (CHEAT!)
Sometimes it doesn’t work in first so use to do it all of over again.
I’m so sorry if I did too fast.

In conclusion, 1.launch episode app
2.Go to setting :- date&time.
3.Set automatically OFF then change the date back by 3 months.
4.Go back to episode, wait for the reload as well as then remove episode app from multitasking.
5.Go back to date&time then set automatically back ON!
6.Turn ON airplane mode as well as go back to episode.
7.Remove episode app from multitasking.
8.Turn OFF airplane mode as well as go back to episode again!

I hope it will be useful for you.
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