Episode Choose Your Story Tips

Episode Choose Your Story Tips

Passes and Gems Hack

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Episode Choose Your Story Tips

Episode Choose Your Story Tips

Passes and Gems Hack

I f*cked up in 08:58 where I was supposed to show you an ‘overview of all of the readily available text movements’ but I added it in in 10:50. Apologies for the inconvenience. I beg your forgiveness.

This series was created together with the intent to give my fellow authors as well as readers an idea of how I script my stories as well as what writing on the Episode platform in general is like. I will be sharing my cheats as well as cheats together the way to support you improve together with maybe even inspire some to start writing themselves! I’m always open to suggestions as well as video requests, so comment down under if you have any.

Hope together with the video was somewhat supportful. I’m pretty new to the usage of text movements myself, so we’re in together with the together! Been sick for a while too as well as still haven’t fully recovered yet so which’s why together with the video might be a bit of a hot mess here as well as there. Lol, sorry. Spent too much time into putting together with the together though so dEAL wiTH iT pls. Anyway, thank you so much for your support so far. So close to a 100 subbies already AAH. Love you guys! ♡

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A super supportful forums guide to using & animating overlays: https://forums.episodeinteractive.com/t/a-guide-to-using-animating-overlays/5851

For additional in-depth guides as well as thorough explanations on specific donacodes, you must definitely take a look at Joseph Evans’ channel if you haven’t already! https://youtube.com/user/AuthorJosephEvans

12:44 cover art by Riley https://instagram.com/rileyseditz
12:53 outro by Katrine https://instagram.com/katrine.stories

00:00 Perfect 10 : Unknown Brain ft. Heather Sommer
02:56 Miss You : Cashmere Cat, Major Lazor & Tory Lanez
05:35 I’m Fine : BTS
08:56 Ignite : Alan Walker & K-391 ft. Julie Bergan & Seungri
11:53 Awakening : Defqwop

02:47 BeFunky (photo editor) https://www.befunky.com
03:42 HTML (color codes) https://www.w3schools.com
06:19 FlamingText (logo design) https://www.eu2.flamingtext.com

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