Episode Cheats

Episode Cheats

Passes and Gems Hack

I have updated a my video explaining what you exactly have to get action replay codes for PSO Episode 1 as well as 2.
Here are links for codes:
PSO Ep 1 & 2 V 1.0 AR Codes:
PSO Ep 1 & 2 V 1.1 AR Codes

Bank Mod Codes (Enables any weapon for unlocked)

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Metroid NES: Passwords, Cheats as well as Endings : Bonus Episode : KenMeisterLP

We look through the different passwords we may utilize as well as the different endings we may get depending on our game time.

Episode Cheats

Episode Cheats

Passes and Gems Hack

In together with the episode, I show off some codes to acquire EXP very fast, as well as super jumping codes as well as a code which lets you walk anywhere on the world map!

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All codes used in together with the video are from the following sites

FCE Ultra emulator. Go to Debug – Game Genie Decoder/Encoder. Put the code in the box labeled “Game Genie Code” as well as then press “Add to Cheat List”. Then go to Tools – Cheats, discover the cheat on the list as well as click to activate. Note than some codes may require a reset together with power on/off. For FCE Ultra, use either “NES – Reset together with “NES-Power” to make it work.

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